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Instructions to Solve and Prevent Pachislo Slot Machine Coin Jams

August 25, 2022 by Harold
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1. Switch machine off.

2. Eliminate the base coin safeguard. At times the square earthy colored coin components have coin safeguards that are pivoted – simply bring down the coin safeguard. The dark adaptations have removable coin safeguards. Press in on the left and right to eliminate.

3. The coin way is covered by a spring stacked region. Look carefully and you can undoubtedly see the spring in the photograph. Pull the spring stacked region up – it really goes up and to the upper right.

4. Clear the coin with your finger.

On the off chance that the coin is trapped in the acceptor on the facade of the machine and you can see it, give pulling a shot of the front. On the off chance that it is stopped where you either can’t see it or can’t eliminate it, pull open the spring stacked region and put in one more token and push it UP to push oust the coin and get it up through the front. Walk out on and reset if necessary.

The more extended metal variants work the same way and will likewise have a spring stacked front.

Forestalling Coin Jams

Most coin jams are not the consequence of issues with your machine but rather of tokens and soil.

Practically all Pachislos acknowledge .984″ tokens in particular. In spite of the fact that your tokens might seem, by all accounts, to be a similar size, a slight variety long or width might be sufficient to cause coin jams.

Coin instruments can turn out to be VERY grimy over the long run. This made the tokens move gradually through the coin way and become trapped in the coin system or the coin chute and never fall into the container. Follow these moves toward forestall future coin jams:

1. Check for Magnetic Tokens

Before you use tokens in your machine run a magnet over them and eliminate any attractive tokens. Many machines will throw out or stick attractive slots tokens and afterward send a mistake code.

2. Really take a look at Token Sizes

Most Pashiclos just acknowledge .984″ tokens. Your tokens might seem, by all accounts, to be all indistinguishable is size, however your machine might be specific. Anything other than.984″ will become stuck. Put the tokens in little stacks and check whether any are somewhat bigger or thicker than the others and eliminate them.

3. Clean the Tokens

Use Kaboom more clean. Blend a little in a can of warm water. Drop your tokens in and blend them for a couple of moments. Wash them and dry them prior to utilizing. Assuming you utilize your machine frequently do this like clockwork or so to forestall soil development in the coin component, coin way and container.

4. Clean the Mechanism

It is easy to Remove the component. Turn off and eliminate it and clean it well with a moist disposable cloth, lifting the spring stacked region and cleaning there too. On the off chance that the metal coin way is rusting utilize a sharp blade, screwdriver or exacto blade to eliminate however much rust as could reasonably be expected and clean the rust with a wipe. At the point when you are done provide the way with a VERY SMALL spurt of silicone splash, clearing off any overabundance.

5. Clean the Coin Chute and the Coin Acceptor