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Cigarette Holders

September 23, 2021 by admin
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One of the most important and useful accessories for smokers is the mouthpiece. Smokers often use cigarette holders to prevent smokers’ lips from touching the cigarette and to keep their hands clean. A mouthpiece is tubular, with a wide end to receive the filtered end of the cigarette. The other end is narrow and contoured to be held with your lips and clenched in place with your teeth, if desired. Unfiltered cigarette holders are also available. There are many types of cigarette holders, lighters, and cigarette cases. And just like cases and lighters, they are made to add to the personality of the holder. The various materials used to make cigarette holders include wood, ivory, ebony, teak, and precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum.
To add to the beauty and style of cigarette holders, they are sometimes inlaid with diamonds or other gemstones, or have a hand-sculpted relief.
Some cigarette holders come with a manual ejection system, in which the used part of the cigarette is manually ejected. Many modern cigarette mouthpieces come with a cigarette filter system, which may contain an acetate or carbon based filter. Additionally, the disposable filters also come in flavors that can range from  E cigarette menthol to cherry. The use of acetate filters has recently been questioned, because they are said to be carcinogenic (cancer-causing).
A very famous type of cigarette holder is the telescopic variety. The telescopic or retractable mouthpiece is used primarily by female smokers, and many celebrities also use it to complete the Diva look. Many male smokers also prefer this type of mouthpiece if it has been made with more macho parameters. Many manufacturers offer a wide range of cigarette holders.